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Vestik’s Backpack was designed with you and your iPhone in mind. Unlike those lifeboxotter cases, Vestik’s Backpack easily slips right on and off the phone in a matter of seconds. The silicone design means no bulky and finicky plastic cases or clips that can actually damage your phone on impact.
Vestik’s Backpack also doubles as a wallet, making the ever so annoying, “Key’s, Phone, Wallet” check that much easier!

Vestik’s iPhone Backpack has a pouch on the back of the case which allows for the storage of I.D.’s, Credit/Debit cards, and business cards. Most of our competitors require you to have a minumum of 3 cards, so nothing will fall out of their cases, but Vestik’s pouch is secured by an extremely durable Velcro flap which will be sure to protect anything you put inside Vestik’s backpack
Vestik’s iPhone Backpack has thought about your iPhone’s accessories!

The backpack offers plenty of room for any chargers to plug right into the phone without the hassle of cumbersome clips or rubber attachements, and their is plenty of room to continue using your favorite set of headphones without have to purchase any adapters or risk loosing part of the case! Vestik’s iPhone Backpack sound ports were designed purposely to enhance audio, and avoid blocking your microphone!


Vestik’s iPhone Backpack was designed using a solid silicone injection mold, which ensures that the Vestik Backpack endures the impact of accidental tumbles and the occasional fall. The silicone case provides a thick lip around the edge of the iPhone 4/4s screen for added protection!

When designing the Vestik iPhone Backpack, we spent hours testing its strength! After slipping the case over our personal iPhones, we threw the backpack against walls, ran over them with Hummers, dropped them from 10 foot ledges and our phones were unharmed during the process! Don’t believe us, check out the video below!

Don’t worry about loosing the contents of your Backpack’s Wallet! Vestik used an ultra strong Velcro adhesive to make sure whatever you put in the “backpack” will stay in your Backpack!


Vestik’s “Backpack” is price at only $19.99 and offers the protection of those “otherboxproof” Cases! Vestik’s iPhone Backpack was designed to be simple, its just $19.99 for everything you need, its time you stop worrying if your headphone’s will fit, or struggling to undo clips and flaps just to charge your phone, Don’t worry about loosing adapters!

Vestik’s backpack offers the same protection as our competitors while still allowing your to use your iPhone as if you didn’t have a case
Available in Black,White and Pink, it makes the perfect gift for everyone!
We know that your iPhone is an investment, why pay over $60.00 dollars for the competitors case, when for just $19.99 you can get the same protection offered by the others, and the ease of no longer having to carry your wallet with you!


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Black w/ Black Wallet, White w/ White Wallet, Pink w/ Black Wallet, Pink w/ White Wallet


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