3D printed Hydroponic Pot Mounts



FundThatPart.com is excited to finally begin offering pre-orders for our much anticipated BMW E36 Door Mounts. We have just finished fine tuning the mount with our manufacturers and production is ramping up! Your Mounts will ship no later than June 1st, or we’ll refund your order no questions asked!

Each Order contains 3 BMW mounts which will fix one door, so if both of the door panels in your E36 are in need of repair you would need to order 2 of these kits. FundThatPart.com’s E36 Door mounts are meant to work seamlessly with any BMW E36 Coupe, Convertible or M’s series model.

Do you drive an E36 Sedan or Hatchback? If so let us know, we would love to let you test these on your vehicle!

FundThatPart.com CAD Modeling of Hydroponic Pot Mounts

FundThatPart.com Cad Modeling of Hydroponic Pot Mounts



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