Lightning Cable “Tags”

FundThatPart generic cialis 60 is very excited about our latest idea, Apple Lighting Cable “Tags.”

Why call them Tags? Simple, these iPhone Lightning Cable protectors will be available in multiple colors, the purpose of’s Lightning Cable “Tags” is to protect your cable from fraying or splitting on both sides, but with multiple colors available now you significant others, siblings, family members and roommates, know which Lighting Cable is yours making them easily identifiable!

Orginally we started with a 3D printed prototype to test the design, we opted for a single piece of plastic to wrap around your cord to avoid having to produce something that can come apart or work itself loose. We recently had our send us the T1 samples and we could not be more excited about these!

FundthatPart Lightning Cable "Tags"

We are about to launch a KickStarter campaign to fund the production of our Lightning Cable “Tags” initially we hope to offer them in Red, Blue, Pink & Gold. The FTP logo is printed on both ends, and the finish is a very smooth and glossy. Since we left the back side open you can see your Apple Lightning Cable run through the Tag, we think it looks pretty cool! Check back to kickstarter and look out for our campaign!

FundthatPart Lightning Cable "Tags"


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