Hydroponic Garden Pot Holders

Recently a friend of ours started a quest to make the spiciest salsa he possibly could with the freshest ingredients around, and you cannot beat home grown herbs, spices, and vegetables. After setting up a rather large hydroponic system mainly to cultivate various peppers, he soon noticed two issues. Issue number one, light was seeping into his pipe system allowing light to hit the water which can have negative affects on plant growth, issue two, after the plants grew to be about 6 inches the pots would actually fall out of the pipes causing the pots to fall out, this was because he was using 3inch round PVC, and the pots just did not sit evenly on top.

<img class=" size-medium wp-image-55 alignnone" src="http://fundthatpart.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Events-22491-1024×7681-300×225.jpg" alt="FundThatPart cialis 20mg suisse.com Hydroponic Pot Holder” width=”300″ height=”225″ />

After looking for a solution, we noticed that our salsa crazy friend was on to a great idea, because he was using what was considered common materials for hydroponic enthusiasts we created  a pot holder, that slips into the holes cut into the pipes that the pots are placed into, blocking the light and preventing the plants from tipping over. Our pot holders were made to work with your standard 3inch hydroponic pots, these seem to be the norm, and are very easily obtained at any gardening or home improvement store.


FundThatPart.com Hydroponic Pot Holder

Right now we are still gauging interest in these pot holders before we begin working on machining molds and production so if you are interested in these pots be sure to hit the share buttons below, or leave some feedback for us. In the mean time if you are interested in these pot holders we certainly can 3D print them for you, and we will have them available in our online store very soon!


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