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FundThatPart's E36 Door Panel Repair Kit DIY Installation Guide

After installing a few of these kits we’ve outlined the installation process. Fundthatpart welcomes feedback, we would love to hear what worked for you.

E36 Door Panel Removal Provided by @BMW Repair

Step 1: Remove Your Door Panel

Check out the provided video, followed these steps exactly to remove the panels from our test vehicle a 1998 328i Convertible.

  • Take your time, our E36’s are delicate!

  • We also purchased Gorilla Epoxy,  after hours of research we decided this was the best product that was widely available. Our E36 Door Mounts are still holding strong over a year later even in the Florida Heat!

Step 2: Remove The existing Top Railing & Sand smooth

With the door panel off we can begin removing the existing plastic that may still be in place. Note our E36 Door repair kits only replace the top plastic railing running the full length of your E36 Door Panel, and along the window sill.

  • With a chisel or flat head screw driver carefully removing the existing plastic.

  • Grab some fine grit sand paper and sand down any old adhesive and glue to ensure a clean surface for your replacement E36 Door Panel Mounts.

  • Replace all your old and broken door clips

Step 3: Measure, Measure, Measure

  1. Carefully test fit your door panel, against the door, ensuring the Door Lock slides through the panel and it is aligned with the door left to right.

  2. Grab our mounts, a highlighter or wax pen, and mark exactly where your mounts need to go, carefully making sure the holes in our E36 Door Panel repair kits align with the clips along the bottom of the window sill.

  3. Repeat Step 2.

  4. Prepare your Gorillia Epoxy!

Step 4: Apply Your Expoxy, Place, Clamp and Wait!

With our E36 Door Panel prepped and measured its time to apply our E36 Door Repair Kit Mounts!

  1. With a damp lint free rag wipe down the door panel with rubbing alcohol to clean and prep the surface.
  2. Apply your previously mixed epoxy directly to the top of our E36 Door Repair Kit Mounts. We also added a little directly to the door panel where the mounts will sit.
  3. Before applying our E36 Door Mounts to your door panel, be sure to tuck the leather against overhanging behind the door panel, so that our mounts hold in place.
  4. Place our mounts along your door panel where you have marked.
  5. We suggest placing cardboard against the outside of your door panel before clamping our Mounts Down to set. You want enough pressure to hold the clamps in place.
  6. Allow the epoxy to set for at least 24 hours before reapply the door panel.


Step 5: Align & Reinstall Your Door Panel


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