E36 Door Mount Design and Test Fit

Back in August FundThatPart.com finally printed prototypes for the new FTP E36 BMW Door Mounts. Because these were prototypes and we were working find the right placement, angle and fit for the mounts we used our Hyrel 3D printer to bring our first design to reality indian cialis. Note the color of the mounts in this video was strictly due to having excess blue and yellow plastic on hand. The final FundThatPart.com E36 Door mounts will be printed in Black.

The entire process took us around an hour for one door panel and the result, as you can tell from the end of the video was a secure fit. Because the mounts used for testing were 3D printed we questioned their strength, but they held up great!


  1. roger 7 years ago

    I bought one of the kits for the door panel which I am getting ready to install this weekend. I have a 97 bmw 318ti. I have a couple of questions if I may. how easy is it to pull the door panel off of the new brackets. and 2 , I noticed on your video that the sides and bottom of the door panel have plastic pins installed on a base of sorts. mine are all individual and is a total pain in the ass to line up with the holes. is there any way you guys can make a base with the pins installed for each side and the bottom? I think it would make things a lot easier to reinstall. please let me know. thanks guys.
    roger bush
    springfield, mo

    • fundthatpart.com 7 years ago

      Hi Roger,
      If I understand the 1 questions correctly, it depends how well will you glue the new brackets. The brackets them self are not gonna get damaged when removing the panel from the door. 2nd Are you talking about the white pins? W got them of amazon. If you start assembly by first attaching the brackets into metal pins then all the other stuff should line up fine. Give me more info if thats not good enough answer at rafal@fundthatpart.com

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