iPhone Lightning Tag’s


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FundThatPart.com’s Lightning Tag’s are designed to “TAG” your Apple Certified iPhone Lightning Cable so it stands out from the rest!

FundThatPart.com designed these tags to fit very securely around both the USB and Lightning Connector ends of your Apple Lightning Cable Charger.

Our Lightning Cable Tags make it easy to identify which Lightning cable is yours, it was made to prevent your siblings from stealing your chargers, and make easy to spot which cable is yours when charging at work or on the go!

FundThatPart tested these Lightning Cable Tags to works seamlessly on your iPhone even if you have a large bulky case like an Otterbox Case of LifeProof Case.

Currently FundThatPart’s Lightning Cable Tags are only available in Black, but if demand calls for it we have plans to produce them in again in a variety of colors, be sure to give us your feedback!


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